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Tech Talks Summer Webinar Series

  • Tech Talks Part 1: Look Before You Leap

    Includes Credits

    Evaluating new technologies is a big undertaking and not to be entered into lightly. By attending this webinar, you will learn how to wade through the myriad of options to identify the right technology and the right partner to meet your goals. Hear from two NICU Directors who will share their experience and best practice learned. All attendees will receive a New Product/Technology Assessment Tool that they can use in their own practice.

  • Tech Talks Part 2: Secure Funding for the Tech You Need!

    Includes Credits

    In this interactive panel discussion, you'll learn how to get creative and find funding for your unit’s engagement technology needs. Two expert leaders will share tips, ideas and guidance on how to build a strong ask for funding.  And, you’ll get a Fundraising Tool Kit just for attending.

  • Tech Talks Part 3: Use It or Lose It! Implementing Technology for Successful Adoption

    Includes Credits Recorded On: 09/01/2020

    We all know that getting technology is one small step for nursekind; adoption is one giant leap. Broadly involving and engaging staff and parents is the only way to make the tools you want an annual line item in your budget. When you demonstrate measurable impact – those in power listen and support it! Learn proven ways to quickly gain acceptance and utilization of your much-coveted technology.